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After beating around the bush and crazy partying for such a long era in the university, 2 years working as a fish cutter in a Norwegian restaurant’s basement and another year in London getting spet in the face by customers complaining about either too much or not enough foam on their 7-pound latte, what you need now is to actually have a beautiful work experience.

As we are an ever-green organisation, work ethic and amazing attitude are always wanted, over the top communication skills is a must, speaking English and Spanish is basic, another or many other languages are a plus.


Our job positions are:


Public Relations and Sales Rep.

Receptionist and Sales Rep.

Certified and Licensed Guides

Outdoor Activity Monitors

Staff General Manager

Administrative Executive Team

Maintenance & Bike Mechanic Hero

Barista / Bar Tender


Check our LinkedIn for current open opportunities, or be a voluntary candidate sending us your CV and a presentation letter. Both are important, and we value much more your attitude and will power than previous experience, you may be contacted to arrange a video call.


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