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Get to know the thirteenth World Wonder in a way you won’t forget. The Alhambra is what we define a "Ciudad palatina", that means a small city inside a bigger one, so you can imagine the amount of infrastructure, palaces, and organization it has in its interiors. It’s located in Granada, a jewel of the Andalusia region, land with a unique mix of cultures. The Alhambra consists of a big joint of palaces, gardens, fortresses which hosted a true citadel inside Granada and served as the house of the monarch and, particularly, of the Nasrid dynasty sovereigns. The decorations of its rooms reach the highest perfection of the Andalusian art, the accurate combination among geometric and vegetal patterns, vibrating colors and ancestral references that recreate an idyllic atmosphere. The monument is located in a privileged surrounding, it almost looks like as it comes out from the heart of the Sabika hill. The masterpiece of Islamic art, choose the best activity for you to discover all its complexity.

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