About us



As the top rated agency in Spain (TripAdvisor), Sixthrills is the alternative for tourists who want to appreciate the city in a fun and unique way.


Sixthrills is the mature outcome of project Play (We love non tourism Tours), consolidated by the expertise of communication and relationship development guidelines. We have always been a customer service driven endeavour by design, and strive to carry on being the number one reference on quality and quantity of reviews in Spain, achievement that could only be obtained by hard work and clear goals by default. Becoming a hub of excellence is the result of our passion. So much love can only make sense when shared, that is why we are always so happy to welcome you and your family in our home, indeed, like proud hosts, we will do everything in our reach to greatly outstand and, setup high standards for your holidays experience.


The adventure began November 2003, offering travelers the possibility of planning their visit in a smart and deep way. By putting people first, we’ve created an exclusive system developed to ensure the smoothest visitor experience, combining in a lounge a comfy travellers information zone for personal attention, a coffee shop with premises and free wifi, an open, honest and direct travel agency, a tour company with all the best outs and abouts there are, and a meeting point for easy referral and relaxing time before your tour. Our art gallery is the golden key that sparkles the equation by connecting our souls with all the abundance that can be reached out there.


Along the years, we have constantly changed and evolved, but the bravado remains. Curate reality with love and be original. That means nurturing bonded and meaningful connections. To be attended and held by a helpful person who is always ready to solve your problem. To explore and have fun, to meet new people, to engage with aromas, sounds, sights, tastes and delicacies is the way to properly bring the awareness of the culture’s richnesses. Promoting harmony is what really matters.Tapping the universal essence of our spirits not only made us original, but gave the power to keep growing, and disrupting, like a strong river we’ve set the direction and pace, being unstoppable. That’s why we kindly invite you to enjoy the flow with us. As the market leaders, we have already tried all the berries, reason why in the menu you can only find the crème de la crème, so all the fascinating feelings can be transmuted into delightful memories.